About US

On realizing the fact that the percentage of ignorant people in our society who suffer only because of lack of knowledge, is far more than imagined, we decided to do something for our people and came up with the idea of Roshni Online. A platform accessible to everyone that would guide people about the legal processes to deal with a problem.

Roshni Online is intended only for the welfare purposes of our people. It is a non-profit platform. Our professionals will suggest you the best legal way to solve your problems. Roshni Online offers FREE services! Find professionals and ask any question you want.

Our Core Values

Believe in positivity

Committed to change

Working for innovation


Roshni Online wants to create awareness among people about their rights and legal processes. We believe this will be foundation for a just world and a tool to fight against exploitation. We want to contribute in making this world a better place.


ICT Innovations has a team of innovative, positive, objective, highly qualified and research oriented professionals having in depth knowledge of their fields. They will use their wisdom and knowledge for guiding people.


In case of any query you can email us roshni@ictinnovations.com or Visit Us.